RELV – / relv /  noun:  From the Estonian language meaning ‘Weapon’.

Our mission is to create ‘WEAPONIZED CAMOUFLAGE’ patterns.  RELV patterns present with an aesthetic that transcends the camouflage patterns currently found in the Fashion, Hunting, and Tactical markets.  We utilize proven graphic design processes and state of the art software.  The rest is all about creating the unique style that RELV is know for, and effective concealment solutions for the field. 

RELV LLC was founded on Aug 1, 2017.  RELV’s creator is Curt Liddle, a professional designer with over 23 years of experience.  Our first official client and project was SKRE with the SUMMIT pattern.  And the team at SKRE summed up their success from SUMMIT with the following quote.  “SUMMIT has ushered in a new era for SKRE, one that has catapulted us into an entirely different playing field.  The pattern has been a smashing success.” – Michael Wand / SKRE Partner

That experience was simply amazing and confirmed for us that we had something special in what we could offer the world in CAMO DESIGN.  We’d done it for SKRE, and we determined we would do it again, and again…and again.

For us, RELV is much more than a venture into radical camouflage design.  We hope that the RELV Brand, is a Place, and a Vehicle for bringing people together and building community.  A place where people from all over the World show up, because of the one thing that unites them, their LOVE of CAMO.