Are you are looking for a stunning camouflage pattern?  We work directly with companies and individuals who are looking for something totally unique in camouflage design.  And licensing a RELV camo pattern is easy and affordable.


Get your product to market ahead of the competition – With RELV, so much of the work is already done for you.  Our patterns are copyright protected and production ready.  This lets you focus on your product development.  We can handle the camo design.

All RELV patterns can be easily customized to fit your product and style – We have clients who want to offer camo patterns on their products in variety of colorways.  We design in a way to makes exploring new looks incredibly easy.

Designing a camouflage pattern is not easy – Optimize your Research and Development by adding our expert team and tools to your project pipeline – let us do the heavy lifting and spare you the headaches.

Avoid the expensive cost of staffing a graphic designer – We have over 25 years of experience.  All of our design time is included in the licensing fee – This means that you only pay when production begins – You can enjoy the design process without the anxiety of watching the clock and your wallet.

Adjust and Pivot quickly to customer feedback with our rapid prototypes – Test the market with our samples, short runs of fabric and term contracts – All of which helps you make informed decisions on production, stay agile against increasing competition, and save you money.

For clients who want exclusivity with a pattern, we do offer TERM EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTS – For a period of time, you the Licensee, can have an exclusive license to use the pattern.  So, you can have fabric made and for a period of time, be the only source for that fabric or products bearing that pattern.  This is a common strategy with new companies and new product launches.  It gives you the ability to lock up a pattern, and a head start over your competition, who might also want access to that same pattern.  We structure the contract, with the Licensee paying a bit more on the amount per yard.  And we offer exclusive licenses in 6 month and 1 year lengths.  Renewable at term.



For more information about Licensing patterns or Custom Design Services, please complete this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.